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     Situations which give rise to a Personal Injury Claim are many and varied.  Auto accidents, insurance claims, slip and fall accidents, faulty products, dog bites, defamation, and business torts are among the many types of situations which form the basis of one's right to bring a claim for money damages.  Getting proper legal representation early can improve your chances of protecting your claim so as to maximize your legal recovery under the law.  Often, giving written or oral statements to insurance companies (even your own) before securing the assistance of an attorney may prove to be adverse to your interests.

    Having an experienced car accident lawyer can make life definitely smoother than that other road you were on!

    Same is true for injuries involving falls, and work injuries!  Call us for help today!   

    A free legal consultation early on can help avoid future problems!




    The workplace gives rise to many types of injuries.  Either they occur from a specific incident, or else they come about over a period of time from repetitive movements which eventually harm a part of the body.  Occasionally, over a period of time one can suffer from injurious exposure to a chemical or other harmful condition in the work environment.  In all work injuries, the employee has certain rights and duties.  

   Early on, the injured worker should seek free legal consultation to understand her or his rights including the rights to medical treatment, temporary disability payments, permanent disability payments and vocational rehabilitation.  Do not rely upon the employer or the insurance company to help you or to explain all of your rights!



   Criminal Matters can be confusing and upsetting.  A person who has been arrested or is the subject of a criminal investigation should seek legal counsel as soon as possible.  Protect yourself by not making any further statements, oral or written, to any governmental agency, personnel or private parties unless and until you have been properly counseled by an attorney.  More often than not, you won't help yourself by talking (or squawking), even if you are innocent of any wrongdoing!  Protect yourself!  Get a free legal consultation!

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